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Mminnis Dog for Christmas

Dog under the Christmas tree in Christmas box.

posted: 12/25/17

LauraK Our son's costume as our Havanese dog Archie

Good afternoon! I just thought I'd send you a picture of the costume I made for my 10 year old son, Colin, of our little Havanese dog Archie! I've never sent any photos in before but everyone kept telling me I definitely need to, ha! My son is the middle child and in between two sisters so when he asked to be our dog Archie, I couldn't let him down. Archie is like a little brother to him. I wasn't expecting the awesome reaction he was getting from everyone at his school & around our neighborhood from this Archie costume. It melted my heart to see my son SO happy. Have a great day! Laura Kriss-Fridner

posted: 11/1/17

Bond007 Golden Retriever cheering on the Chicago Cubs

This is Vinny! He just turned a year old and LOVES to watch the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Blackhawks! He's their number one fan!

posted: 10/18/17

tj the dj Neighbor's Dog Stuck In Straps of Bicycle Trailer

After not seeing my neighbor's dog for awile this morning I walked behind my garage & could finally see the dog helplessly trapped & entangled in the straps of a kid's bicycle trailer.I was able to free him & felt it could have been worse if the straps got caught around his neck.

posted: 9/29/17

MaureenZ Healy Rose Eclipse Phote

Healy Rose Ziegenhorn of Chicago is ready for the Eclipse.

posted: 8/20/17

fkukla Where's my Breakfrast

Tippy, Squirrel peeking in my kitchen storm door.

posted: 1/24/17

ABC7 Viewer

I'm Zoey, the big, bad wolf, waiting for little Red Riding Hood.

posted: 12/16/16

ABC7 Viewer Zoey's all worn out from playing in the snow.

Zoey's all worn out from playing in the snow.

posted: 12/16/16

Myself- mandy miloradich Christmas Grinch Cat

Our Persian Percy loves Christmas. #ABC 7

posted: 12/16/16

ABC7 Viewer Merry Christmas

Sir Winston wearing his Christmas hat mommy knitted just for him

posted: 11/30/16